The start up at Nieuwkoopse Plassen and the Haeck.

Heat wave or not we started, in collaboration with “Natuurmonumenten” the first stage of the project “more space for the Round Sundew” in the Nieuwkoopse Plassen. Our activities in this area are planned till March 2019.


The goal:

The Nitrogen Approach Programme is developed to protect special species. Due to this approach, the process of water turning into land will not be accelerated because of the Nitrogen. With Nitrogen being present, plants and trees rapidly grow and turn reed beds into forest and plants. As a result, the carnivorous plant like the Round Sundew will be suppressed. Species like the Spoonbill, Otter, Dragonfly and a lot of Orchids might disappear within time if we don’t stick to the Nitrogen Approach Programme.

To keep these special core values that the Dutch fens have, we carry out work such as forest removal and removal of the top soil of the reed bed.

By removing the forest rims, we make sure that water plants can get enough light to grow and it helps starting up the process of water becoming land (reed bed) again.

This unique moss fens (on top of the reed beds) can only continue to exist when removing the top soil of the reed bed on a regular base. By doing so the reed bed will be at a lower level and therefore will be more humid. Besides reed growth as a result, the moss fens that love the wet ground down below will have a future.

We will remove a total of 20 ha of reed top soil. The equipment that we will use to execute the work; the amphibious excavators, various dredging equipment, a pressure pipeline and the Shredder Dredger.

The released material will be pumped to a depot. After approximately two years subsidence took place and the depot will be ready to dismantle. After rearranging, the original ground level will be increased by 30 cm. The final result, a beautiful marsh Marigold meadow.

The depot will be dismantled and completed in 2021.

For more information and contact:

Contact person Mrs. G. Mast

g.mast@knoopnatuurenwaterbouw.nlor by phone +31(0)592 55 93 85

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