New large nature restoration project for Knoop Baggerwerken

Knoop Baggerwerken will be working in the area Zuidlaardermeer for the next two years. The work will be conducted on behalf of “Groninger Landschap”. The project is funded by the province of Groningen, the Prince Bernard Culture Fund, the “Nationale Postcode Loterij” and the company Kikkoman Foods.

The reed fields in the area of Zuidlaardermeer have dried up by water level reductions and acidification of the soil. There is growing less reeds and water reeds. As a result, the habitat for many wetland birds is deteriorated because there are less suitable breeding and feeding areas.

The final aim of the project is to increase the area of (water) reeds to improve the habitat of field-dependent species such as the bittern, great reed warbler, and even otters.
Knoop Baggerwerken will realize this by digging water pools and graben, cutting reeds and process the released material for banks in order to create extra reed- and wetlands. In this way the natural development of the area will be stimulated by shallow water, different kinds of reed, water pools, graben and wet grassland.