Nature rehabilitation


In addition to nature rehabilitation, conservation and maintenance are key components for maintaining ecological values in wetlands. Favourable natural habitats are created for various species of flora and fauna by removing woods, cutting reeds and digging peat holes.

Knoop Natuur- en Waterbouw performs among other activities the following range of work:

  • Removing woods (including shredding)
  • Constructing and organising disposal sites
  • Digging peat holes
  • Cutting reeds
  • Pumping peat, wood and cuttings to a disposal site
  • Sheet piling
  • Profiling baulks
  • Cleaning canals, ponds and rivers
  • Cleaning Industrial disposal sites
  • Pipe laying/ trenching

On the basis of its experience and creative thinking Knoop Natuur- en Waterbouw each and every time is able to come up with better and more efficient solutions for maintaining wetlands. Good examples include the Waterking amphibious excavator and the shredder dredger.

The Waterking is a comprehensive amphibious excavator. The machine can be used in clearing woods, digging peat holes and cutting reeds. The Waterking displaces itself in a simple and efficient way and can easily cross a ditch or a deep waterway. Its ground pressure is very low as a result of which it does not cause any damage to the soil structure or fragile natural areas. No terrain is too wet or soggy for this machine. If the terrain becomes too wet, the Waterking automatically starts floating. Yet, the machine is no wider than an ordinary excavator on dragline plates. There are different types of amphibious excavators: the WK 90, WK 220 and WK 300.

The material released while removing woods, cutting reeds and digging peat holes is pumped to the disposal site with the aid of a shredder dredger. The shredder dredger is a soil compressor especially designed and constructed for pumping peat and wood to a disposal site. The material can be pumped over a distance of 3.5 kilometres without the need for a booster station. When a booster station is used, it becomes possible to pump the material over a distance of 7 kilometres. The machine is 3.5 metres wide as a result of which it is possible to work virtually anywhere.

The need for separate transport movements is minimised by making use of the amphibious excavator and the shredder dredger, thus preventing damage to special vegetation and without causing disturbance to existing fauna. By making use of a pressure pipeline, the waterways remain accessible and reed growers, recreational users and visitors are not inconvenienced by the work.

Knoop Natuur- en Waterbouw has completed various large projects in wetlands in recent years. A selection of the projects carried out in recent years is provided under reference projects.