Project Management
In addition to execution, we are regularly contracted for managing and/or setting up various projects. This varies from sand extraction projects to maintenance dredging operations.

Our services:

  • Development of action plans
  • Provide equipment-related consulting services
  • Manage/broker the purchase of equipment
  • Coordinate import/export documents and transportation
  • Initiate projects
  • Provide technical and implementation support for new and ongoing projects
  • Project management


Sand Extraction
Our expertise is regularly contracted in West Africa for the purpose of setting up and managing projects or assessing companies in relation to efficiency and effectiveness. We are closely involved in managing and carrying out sand extraction projects.

Sand extraction is generally effected through means of cutter dredgers or deep suction dredgers. The sand suction dredgers are equipped with high-pressure water jets and comply with strict noise standards. The suction dredgers can be dismounted and can be transported by road.

We are working on various reclamation works in Wes Africa resulting in the creation of a construction area of approx. 300 hectares. The work is being carried out in cooperation with the local government.


Maintenance Dredging Operations
In addition to sand extraction projects, we are regularly approached for maintenance dredging works. The dredging of nature preserves, ditches, ponds and city canals. We often cooperate with local contractors on maintenance dredging operations as well.