Amphibious excavators

The Waterking amphibious excavator is well-suited for various kinds of activities on very poor load-bearing soils, such as wetlands, … [Read more...]

Booster station

A booster station can be installed to achieve an optimal production during the distribution of silt/ sand. The use of a booster station … [Read more...]

Chipper/ morbark

Trees and bushes can be shredded with the aid of a chipper (max. diameter 0,5 m -  excl. roots). The shredded material will be reduced to 2 … [Read more...]

Couple pontoons

We rent 4 types of modular pontoons (dredging sets), complete with pontoons, spud poles and power pack.    Waterking … [Read more...]

HDPE pressure pipeline

See below for the available HDPE pipes and dredging hoses. For the actual inventory or options, please contact our office (+31 592 – 55 93 … [Read more...]

Push/ tugboat

Hopper barges/couple pontoons can be transported by using a pusher-/tugboat. Winches and cables for securing the load, can be rented … [Read more...]

Hopper barge

  The barges can be used for transportation of materials like silt, soil, gravel, granults, etc. They can be transported by means of … [Read more...]

Track dumpers

Due to the small dimensions, the track dumpers can be used well in both nature related and civil projects where the maneuvering space is … [Read more...]

Water pump WP 700

  We rent a water pump WP 700 for you project, depot or empty ponds, water corridors.This pump is capable of pumping 700 m3 per hour … [Read more...]