Vision & mission

We consider standing still to be synonymous with falling behind and this is why we continuously strive for improvements in the areas of quality, health, safety and the environment in our projects. This is supported by our slogan: ‘Innovative in dredging techniques and quality in execution’.

Knoop Natuur- en Waterbouw has a major market share in the area of contracting for dredging projects in wetlands. It is our goal to continue to innovate and deliver quality. This means that the machinery and its application are closely monitored. The machinery is tested by us during execution in terms of performance, efficiency and reliability. We are constantly optimising our machinery and equipment. We are able to do this because of the low age of our machine park and because we manufacture a large share of the equipment used in execution.

Knoop Natuur- en Waterbouw’s way of working:
We consider it very important for our clients to be satisfied with the work we perform. Thanks to the short lines within the company, we can work quickly and efficiently. We think in terms of solutions and provide advice based on our many years of experience.

Core Concepts

  • A constructive and practical approach to problems in cooperation with conservation authorities, clients and site managers
  • Short lines
  • Thinking in terms of solutions
  • Creative in thinking, quality in execution
  • Reliable partner, an agreement is an agreement
  • Reliable and young machine park
  • Knoop Natuur- en Waterbouw operates globally