Knoop Baggerwerken was founded in 1990 as a sole proprietorship. A partnership was subsequently established with J. van der Es Grondverzet in Onnen under the name ‘Maatschap Van der Es & Knoop Baggerwerken’. The partnership’s main activities consisted of independently contracting and subcontracting for dredging operations.

Starting in 2001, Knoop Baggerwerken’s operations were expanded to include the sale of dredging equipment and consultancy. The partnership was terminated in 2007 and Mr J. van der Es stepped down as a partner. Jacob Knoop independently continued the business under the name Knoop Baggerwerken BV.

Knoop Baggerwerken BV is a subsidiary of Knoop Holding BV. Knoop Baggerwerken BV specialises in contracting for and executing specialised dredging operations in nature preserves with poor load-bearing soil. The amphibious excavator was developed and constructed in-house for this field of operations.

Knoop Baggerwerken BV has continued to evolve and started to sell dredging equipment. Knoop Machinery BV was founded for this purpose. In addition to the purchase and sale of dredging equipment and construction machines, Knoop Machinery is the manufacturer of the Waterking. Waterking BV was established in 2010 for the sale of amphibious equipment.

For many years Knoop Baggerwerken has been carrying out major and beautiful nature restoration projects in the Netherlands. The name “dredging” is no longer covering the subject. We are in fact doing so much more than that: maintenance work on nature reserves, dredging, placing shorings and hiring out equipment. Therefor we decided, in the beginning of 2019, to continue its activities under the new name “Knoop Natuur- en Waterbouw”. The rental activities have expanded considerably in recent years, these activities were transfered to “Knoop Rental”.