From small scale dredging to major nature restoration projects  

Knoop Natuur- en Waterbouw has been in the contracting business since 1990. Due to the continuous development and creativity we have grown from small-scale dredging activities to carrying out major nature restoration projects in wetlands. Complex and vulnerable areas, such as wetlands, demand customised solutions, experience, insight and creativity in execution. We want to connect terrain knowledge of authority’s with the technical implementation possibilities. 


Rental department

The rental activities are accommodated at Knoop Rental.  We don’t rent out the standard machines, but special ones such as amphibious excavators, rotating tracked dumpers, pontoon sets with spud poles, dredging hoses, HDPE pipes and dredging pumps, which enables Knoop Rental to offer a total solution for the projects. We rent out equipment for earthmoving, inland dredging and the agricultural sector.


Specially developed machines

We have developed our own machines that are very suitable for work in areas with poor load-bearing capacity, such as delta works and marshland areas. The combination of the amphibious excavator ‘Waterking’ and the Shredder Dredger makes us unique in the world. The floating excavators can work on land, but from the water as well. Where most excavators stop, we start our work.

With the Shredder Dredger, we can transport the material that is released (e.g. reed, roots and cuttings) to a disposal site using a pressure pipeline. The material can even be pumped over a distance of 7 kilometres. We are contracted to perform work for, among others, nature conservation authorities and water boards.











Knoop Natuur- en Waterbouw, is a trade name of Knoop Baggerwerken. Knoop Baggerwerken is NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and SSC** (2008/5.1) certified.

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